This article will make more sense when read in conjunction with How Newcreators use mind, body and spirit to create the new and enrich the world.

Newcreate is a mind-body-spirit way of creating the new

Newcreators have at their disposal seven creative powers, each associated with a certain part of the body.

FaithTranscend the MundaneCrown“A critical but curious mind’s readiness to adopt a reality model (even if provisionally) for which there is less than absolute, empirical proof.” —Jay Gaskill, The Dialogic Imperative (no longer online — contact me for pdf)
ImaginationEnrich the WorldThird eye ¹The power to foresee a world enrichment possibility and conceive a potent idea for actualising it.
ConceptualisationCreate the NewThroatThe power to devise something that will generate the foreseen value.
IntentTranscend the MundaneHeartA heartfelt desire to enrich the world with value, meaning and joy.
MaterialisationCreate the NewDiaphragmThe power to give the creation tangible form.
RealisationEnrich the WorldPelvic floor ¹The power to bring the creation to maturity and fully realise its value generation potential.
DevotionTranscend the MundaneTailboneAn enduring, palpable commitment to enriching the world through unconditional service.
1. The metaphorical ‘third eye’ is located between the eyebrows. The pelvic floor muscles (a.k.a PC muscles) are the ones used to control the flow of urine.
The seven creative powers and three superpowers
This is an embodied metaphor and does not need to be taken literally.

The creative powers combine to form three superpowers

Read about the three superpowers View a summary of the seven creative powers Read about the power of Faith Read about the power of Imagination Read about the power of Devotion Read about the power of Materialisation Read about the power of Realisation Read about the power of Intent Read about the power of Conceptualisation Read about the superpower Create the New Read about the superpower Enrich the World Read about the superpower Transcend the Mundane
The first superpower (Transcend the Mundane) must be activated in order to bring the second (Enrich the World) and third (Create the New) into play, as you can see the graphic above. You can click on a label to view more information.

What are the leftside equivalents of rightside powers?

Newcreate is a mind-body-spirit way of creating the new
The seven creative powers only have relevance to those who have transcended the mundane and entered primal world.

People trapped in mundane world are likely to dismiss the seven powers and their bodily locations as New Age mumbo jumbo.

This means that, strictly speaking, the seven powers have no leftside equivalents.

But if were not the case, the leftside versions might look something like this:

Leftside (mundane world)Rightside (primal world)
Execution (making and delivering)Materialisation
Manipulation ²Devotion
2. Manipulation of the world for one’s own benefit.

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