Talking with Angels

Talking with Angels is a collection of esoteric teachings of great potential value to Newcreators.

From the Newcreator’s perspective,  the main themes running through the Angels’ teachings are these:

  • As humans, our task is to become a conscious link between the creating world (the unmanifest, source, the eternal) and the created world (the manifest, matter, the temporal). Some of the book’s explanatory diagrams (see here) led to the discovery of the seven creative powers.
  • Remain true to your task (i.e. your intent)
  • Do not fix what is broken or rearrange what already exists. Instead, create the new.
  • We have a seventh sense: Light-Awareness (the sixth is a union of the five, which some would call intuition). Light-Awareness is our ability to perceive and co-create with what Napoleon Hill calls Infinite Intelligence, what Edward Matchett calls media (etc) and what I am calling the G-field. Read more about Light-awareness.
  • Time is not what we think it is. Read more here: The truly new comes from nothing.

How the book came into being

Talking with Angels is the true story of four young Hungarians in search of inner meaning at a time of outer upheaval, the holocaust. In the darkest hours of World War II, these friends, three of them Jewish, seek orientation and meaning in their shattered lives. During seventeen perilous months, one of them, Hanna Dallos, delivers oral messages which Gitta Mallasz and Lili Strausz record in their notebooks. These teachings end abruptly with the deportation of Hanna and Lili to Ravensbrück in December of 1944. Only Gitta Mallasz survived to bring their story and these remarkable dialogues to the world. She always rejected any notion of authorship for this book, saying, ‘I am merely the scribe of the Angels.’”

Based on text found on the Daimon Verlag website, where you can order a copy of Talking with Angels.
Gitta Mallasz, transcriber of Talking with Angels
Gitta Mallasz (June 21, 1907 – May 25, 1992, pictured, with brother Ottomár in first photo), who transcribed the Angels’ teachings as voiced by Hanna Dallos.

Is it necessary for Newcreators to believe in the existence of Angels?

Lili: Does everyone have an angel, an ‘inner teacher’?

Lili’s angel: No. We consist of faith — purely of faith.
To those who have faith, who believe — we are.
And faith is the force of the divine.
If you believe that I have a voice … I can speak.
If you do not believe it … I am mute.
If you believe that I am you … I become you.
Believe in the high!
You can also believe in the low.
Today devils clamor and Angels are silent.
But through your belief we descend.
For belief is the bridge.

Talking with Angels, Dialogue 23
Angels do not exist as such, otherwise there would be incontrovertible evidence of their existence. However, there does seem to be some kind of benign presence, an invisible ally, a whisperer of words of wisdom whose help must be invited and whose origin, nature and purpose are unknowable. But it is not necessary to believe this. “Do not believe in the Divine! Live the Divine!”

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