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Enrich the World is the second of the Newcreator’s superpowers (the others being Transcend the Mundane and Create the New).

It is a synthesis of the creative powers named Imagination and Realisation.

When this superpower is activated, Newcreators are able to foresee world enrichment possibilities and conceive truly original ideas for new creations with the potential to generate the imagined value, meaning and joy. They are also inspired to work towards realising this value generation potential.

Enrich the world
The superpower named Transcend the Mundane (Faith + Intent + Devotion) must be activated in order to bring Enrich the World into service.


The challenge today is we are suffering from an imagination deficit.

Martin Weigel, Chief Strategy Officer, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, Fighting The Astro-Turfing Of Culture, The Gravity Well Of Banality, And The Stifling Grip Of Pre-Packaged Thinking
In his 1937 bestseller Think and Grow Rich!, Napoleon Hill writes about a faculty he calls synthetic imagination, whereby existing ideas are combined to create a new one. Today, this approach is called combinatorial creativity. He contrasts synthetic imagination with creative imagination, through which truly original ideas are conceived.
Two forms of imagination, by Napoleon Hill
The power of Imagination – the creative kind – enables Newcreators to foresee, in the immediate or more distant future, possibilities for enriching the world or a particular piece of it with value, meaning and joy.

In the early stages of a create-the-new project, imagination is deployed to form a vision of realised potential and then to conceive a potent idea that will generate the envisioned benefits.

The vision of realised potential is a depiction — an actual picture accompanied by a vivid and compelling synopsis — of how the world will look, sound and feel when the new creation exists in its finished state (even though the form it will take is not yet known) and when its value generation potential is being realised without constraint.

The envisioned scenario is not centred on the Newcreators, the business or the organisation, but depicts the wider world in which these exist, and it represents a desired present, not a desired future.

The work carried out up to this point should be sufficient for the Newcreators to summon from their imaginations an idea for a new creation possessing the potential to generate the imagined value, meaning and joy for customers or users and other beneficiaries. The idea may appear as a mental image, rough sketch, 3D model, symbol or physical feeling, or in some other non-verbal form.

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In the Newcreate world, Realisation (when it carries an uppercase R) means reaching full maturity and bearing fruit.

The Newcreator deploys the power of Realisation to convert the potential value implicit in the creation into actual value.

Value: from potential to actual
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The following passages are excerpted from How to put Newcreate into practice.

Once the creation has been taken up by customers, users or other beneficiaries, the Newcreators or downstream specialists (in marketing, sales, user experience, innovation, external relations and other areas) seek to realise value generation potential by:

Ensuring that everyone who might benefit from the creation is able to do so (= widespread propagation).

Improving the customer or user experience by halting the generation of anti-value and adding features or making modifications in order to increase value generation potential (= zero or minimum pain, maximum gain).

In each of these cases, the Newcreators or downstream specialists undertake projects that move through a complete create-the-new cycle, from Readiness work, Imagination and Conceptualisation to Materialisation and Realisation, as illustrated here:

The nested nature of Realisation work

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