Beneficiaries, beneficiary groups and beneficiary sets


Quotes about brainstorming and related matters

Why brainstorming does not form part of Newcreate work

Co-creation meeting formats: how to modify them in order to honour the Max4 Principle

Contact Jack Martin Leith

Creative Victory: Reflections on the Process of Power from the Collected Works of Carlos Castaneda

Edward Matchett

Edward Matchett: industrial design and create-the-new pioneer

Experiencing divine wisdom in ordinary living, by Edward Matchett


Faith, one of the seven creative powers

Quotes about faith

Gary Hamel

Holistic — what does it mean?

Home page

Iain McGilchrist

Books and articles

Iain McGilchrist and his hemisphere theory

Iain McGilchrist Videos Complete: every free-to-view video featuring Dr. Iain McGilchrist displayed alphabetically

Understanding The Matter with Things — Dialogues (29-episode video collection)


Creative imagination at work

Selected quotes about the power of creative imagination

The two forms of imagination: creative and synthetic


Intent’s dual aspects

The radio metaphor

Quotes about intent and the two worlds

Related terms

Transcend the mundane, enter primal world and channel intent, the generative impulse

Jack Martin Leith

About Jack Martin Leith

Contact Jack Martin Leith

Jobs-to-be-Done Theory and the Value Proposition Canvas


Knowledge Cafe, how to host

The Max4 Principle

How to modify co-creation meeting formats in order to honour the Max4 Principle

The Max4 Principle: The maximum group size for a proper conversation is four



How does Newcreate compare with design thinking?

How Newcreators use mind, body and spirit to create the new and enrich the world

How to put Newcreate into practice

Newcreate and other create-the-new methods

The Newcreate way of conceiving breakthrough ideas

The origins of Newcreate

Who is Newcreate for?

Newcreator’s Glossary


Now-to-New: a brief introduction

Now-to-New: how the term came into being

The Parable of the Ox

Readiness work sets the create-the-new project in motion

Resources for Newcreators

Seven creative powers and three superpowers


Create the New

Enrich the World

Transcend the Mundane

Specifying the value your new creation will generate

Talking with Angels — origin and themes

Think and Grow Rich!

The three create-the-new work modes: creating alone, creating together and helping others create

The tonal and the nagual

The truly new comes from nothing

Unconditional service

Value — what is it and how is it generated?

Woodrow Wilson and his “enrich the world” address in full

Worldviews — how they are evolving

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