Jack Martin Leith

Born and raised in an east London funeral parlour.
Left school aged 16 and worked in telecoms, music publishing, fashion, retailing and advertising before founding Leith & Price, a pioneering business development consultancy serving the advertising and marketing industry.
In the 1970s, began a searching inquiry into how the new comes into being, beyond models and methods (read more). The inquiry continues.
Lifelong creator of the new. Examples include Leith & Price, The Innovation Agency and several other businesses; Now-to-New — an innovation, change and problem solving approach; V-Spec — a value specification framework; Hoochie-Coochie — a wish fulfilment game for adventurous couples; and Newcreate.
Explored all manner of esoteric thought systems and practices. One-time consultant in residence at Findhorn Foundation, the long-established spiritual community located in Scotland. At Findhorn, trained as a facilitator of The Transformation Game, subsequently hosting many Transformation Game workshops.
Three decades of experience as an innovation consultant with services commissioned by a wide variety of global corporates, government institutions, charities and arts organisations, as well as the UK National Health Service.
Currently living in Bristol, United Kingdom.
“An innovation consultant who walks the talk.” —Paul Levy

“The go-to walking encyclopaedia of the very best and most innovative management and organization theory.” —James Wilk

“His understanding of the issues, passion for innovation and down-to-earth approach made a valuable contribution to GameChanger1 ”. —Math Kohnen

“I’ve known Jack since 1995 when he taught the Creative Problem Solving module of the MA in Managing Change at the University of Brighton.2 We brought Jack into the team because of his special expertise in the field and it would be true to say that the rest of the staff team learned a great deal from Jack about creative problem solving and how to develop it in managers.” —Tom Bourner

“A living example of innovation, creativity and constant reinvention.” —Rohit Talwar

1. View the article Shell GameChanger – A Safe Place to Get Crazy Ideas Started on Management Innovation eXchange website
2. I taught the module annually from 1995 to 2001.

Enriching the world: Is it good business practice?

Here is the five-minute talk I gave some years ago at an Ignite event held at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol in front of an audience of 200 people. The 20 slides accompanying the talk auto-advance every 15 seconds. I just about managed to keep up with them.

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The origins of Newcreate

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