Intent is the generative impulse that streams from the unmanifest into the manifest through the gap in time.

Intent at the impersonal and personal levels
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Intent has dual aspects. One is the originating aspect, which seeks to initiate new creations. The other is the evolutionary aspect, which seeks to bring these creations to fruition and fully realise their value generation potential.

The table below provides more detail about intent’s dual aspects.

Aspect AAspect B
Newcreate nameOriginating aspectEvolutionary aspect
What it doesInitiatesBrings to fruition and fully realises potential
Associated withThe unmanifest
Possibility: what could be
Creating world
The manifest
Actuality: what is
Created world
How we connect with itOpennessGroundedness
Radio metaphor
(read more
Aerial symbol
Aerial / Antenna
Earth symbol

Earth / Ground
Hinduism, TaoismYangYin
Hinduism, TantraShivaShakti
CosmologyBig bangEvolution
EpistemologyThe unknowableThe known
Beware of attributing female characteristics to yin and male characteristics to yang, and make sure you don’t conflate intent with any of the entities listed below. For example, you might think that intent and the Holy Spirit are one and the same. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who can say for sure?

  • God (although Napoleon Hill would disagree)
  • The Goddess
  • Mother Earth / Mother Nature
  • Gaia
  • Jesus
  • Angels
  • Holy Spirit
  • The Tao
  • The universe (it is indifferent to our needs and wellbeing)

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Transcend the mundane, enter primal world and channel intent, the generative impulse

The truly new comes from nothing

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