Jack Martin LeithIntent
Don Juan Matus via Carlos CastanedaIntent
Don Juan Matus via Carlos CastanedaDivine energy
Tomas, Creative VictoryThe abstract
Tomas, Creative VictoryThe force which sustains the universe
Tomas, Creative VictoryThe element that propels the warrior
Tomas, Creative VictoryThe spirit
Tomas, Creative VictoryThe indescribable
Tomas, Creative VictoryThe flow of things
Tomas, Creative VictoryThe pervasive force that causes us to perceive
Tomas, Creative VictoryPower
Tomas, Creative VictoryThe force that permeates everything
Tomas, Creative VictoryWhat makes the world
Napoleon HillInfinite Intelligence
Talking with AngelsLight
Edward MatchettMedia — the perpetual emanations and creative action of the one source of Creation
Edward MatchettPrimal media
Edward MatchettEternal media
Edward MatchettCreative Energy
Edward MatchettCreative Action (of the eternal)
Edward MatchettDivine wisdom
Edward MatchettA non-material formative force
Edward MatchettPrimal power of the cosmos
Edward MatchettA universal power outside of ourselves, a life-force which is the primal creative power of the universe
Edward MatchettA beam
Unitarian Universalist AssociationTranscendent purpose
Henri BergsonÉlan vital / Vital impetus
SanskritĀyus / life principle
VariousLife force
VariousVital essence

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Intent, the generative impulse

Intent: the radio metaphor

Intent: the two elements

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