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5 stars
I’m finding it hard to figure the best way to open this review. Tomas is one of the most, if not the most, impeccable warrior of the Toltec Path I have had the pleasure to read from in a long while.

Not much is known about this man, excepting what the publishers have cared to share. His other work, The Promise of Power: Reflections on the Toltec Warriors’ Dialogue from the Collected Works of Carlos Castaneda, is a substantial bibliographic reference to the work of Castaneda, truly remarkable is an understatement because only somebody who immersed deeply within the work of Castaneda, so as to realize that Castaneda was but a vehicle to a purpose, could come up with such a thing.

Now here comes this book, Creative Victory, which an entirely different matter, this book here is indeed only for the learned in the Toltec ways. As you read it, it will go directly to your left side awareness1, there is little here, if anything at all, that you will be able to digest using your right side awarenesss1. Therefore it stands to reason that most people will prefer something more “clear”, or more organized, and will wander elsewhere looking for more “accurate, informative, and useful sources of Toltec knowledge”. Which is normal by the way, I want to empathize this again:

This book is not for everyone, this book is not for newcomers to the Toltec ways, you will barely find something here that you will be able to waste your life away rationalizing upon.

Ultimately, As I write this review, trying my best to pay a dim homage to a man who indeed is second only to Castaneda, I’ve come to realize that what is hard is not to speak about this book, what’s hard is to find “justiceable” words to define what Tomas stands for. Together with his true to the path anonymity, comes this, quoting directly from the book:

“As with The Promise of Power, I intend for this work to stand as a payment to what the Toltecs call ‘the account of the spirit of man’.”

There you have it, it does not get much more impeccable than this, instead of looking to fill his pockets, funding forprofit organizations, claiming the legacy of mankind for himself, coming with schemes to claim superiority over others, in other words, instead of looking spending his creative power to devise clever ways to fill his own bank account, he is looking to make a “payment” to The Spirit

I could name more than one author out there, writing about the Toltec path, preaching to be impeccable warriors, they all could learn a thing or two from this man, yet, naming them in this review would be a vastly unjustifiable act towards an impeccable warrior of the Toltec path.

This is the work of a truly impeccable warrior of the Toltec path.

1. In the Toltec tradition, left side awareness and right side awareness refer to the left and right side of the body, not left and right side of the brain. The brain’s left hemisphere governs the right side of the body, and the right hemisphere governs the left side. My terms Leftside and Rightside approximate Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s left and right hemisphere designations, so to make sense of this review, left and right must be reversed.

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