Newcreate, a create-the-new philosophy and practice, is likely to appeal to:

People who want to create new products, services, businesses, websites, books, videos, songs, plays — new anything — in order to enrich the world, or a particular piece of it, with value, meaning and joy..

People who know that diverge–converge ideation methods such as brainstorming tend to result in the derivative, the mediocre, the predictable.

People who can embrace paradoxes and contradictions. .

People who have embraced Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s discoveries about the workings of the brain’s left and right hemispheres.

People who want to employ mind, body and spirit when creating the new.

People who want to imagine new value generation possibilities and bring them to fruition.

People who use rational thinking and intuition equally.

People who have been inspired by Woodrow Wilson’s ‘you are here to enrich the world’ dictum yet are still thinking, “Yes, but how?”

People who know that ideas emerge from the minds of individuals, not groups.

People who have read one or more of the books pictured below and wondered how they might put the teachings into practice.

Order a copy from Blackwell's Order a copy of Talking with Angels Order a copy of Creative Victory Order a copy of Creative Action
People who enjoy Otto Scharmer’s writings about Theory U and Presencing. Please note that Newcreate was not inspired by Theory U / Presencing, although there are some similarities.

People who shun orthodox thinking and the status quo.

People who want to discover an organic, naturalistic way of bringing the new into being.

People with an experimental approach to life.

People who resonate with The Parable of the Ox.

Parable of the Ox
Click on image or here to view the entire parable

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Newcreate and other create-the-new methods

Newcreate — how does it compare with design thinking?

Newcreate origins

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