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Understanding The Matter with Things — Dialogues (29-episode video collection)

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The Divided Brain

Animated video (11:47)

Lecture (32:11)

The divided brain, attention and how we see the world | Iain McGilchrist, Jon Evans and Orlando Wood (48:35)

The Master and His Emissary

Iain McGilchrist in conversation with Charles Eisenstein (1:28:05)

Why is the brain so clearly and profoundly divided? (3:44)

The  Matter With Things

Iain McGilchrist and Àlex Gómez-Marín discuss the book, chapter by chapter (29-episode video collection)

Iain McGilchrist reads part 1 of the introduction

Iain McGilchrist reads part 2 of the introduction

Iain McGilchrist books and articles

Iain McGilchrist main page

Understanding The Matter with Things — Dialogues is a set of 29 videos in which Iain McGilchrist and Dr Àlex Gómez-Marín explore, chapter by chapter, McGilchrist’s latest book The Matter with Things.

Dr Iain McGilchrist and Dr Àlex Gómez-Marín
Dr. Iain McGilchrist is a British psychiatrist, neuroscience researcher, philosopher, and author of several books, notably The Master and His Emissary and The Matter with Things. He is known for his theory about the differences between the brain’s left and right hemispheres and their effects on society, history and culture.

Dr Àlex Gómez-Marín is a Spanish physicist turned neuroscientist. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and a Masters in biophysics from the University of Barcelona. He was a research fellow at the EMBL-CRG Centre for Genomic Regulation and at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown in Lisbon. His research spans from the origins of the arrow of time to the neurobiology of action-perception in flies, worms, mice, humans and robots. Since 2016 he is the head of the Behavior of Organisms Laboratory at the Instituto de Neurociencias in Alicante, where he is an Associate Professor of the Spanish Research Council. Combining high-resolution experiments, computational and theoretical biology, and continental philosophy, his latest research concentrates on real-life cognition and consciousness.

Read more about Dr Àlex Gómez-Marín


Chapter 1: The Introduction

Running time 1:01:42

Chapter 2: Attention

Running time 59:51

Chapter 3: Perception

Running time 47:22

Chapter 4: Judgment

Running time 1:02:42

Chapter 5: Apprehension

Iain McGilchrist in conversation with Dr. Alex Gómez-Marín, a Spanish physicist turned neuroscientist.

Running time 1:00:53

Chapter 6: Emotional & Social Intelligence

Running time 54:23

Chapter 7: Cognitive Intelligence

Running time 49:16

Chapter 8: Creativity

Running time 1:21:22

Chapter 9: Schizophrenia & Autism

Running time 1:12:24

Chapter 10: What is truth?

Running time 1:07:27

Chapter 11: Science’s claims on truth

Running time 53:21

Chapter 12: The science of life

Running time 1:07:47

Chapter 13: Institutional science & truth

Running time 1:15:11

Chapter 14: Reason’s claims on truth

Running time 52:06

Chapter 15: Reason’s progeny

Running time 1:17:43

Chapter 16: Logical paradox

Running time 1:00:08

Chapter 17: Intuition’s claims on truth

Running time 1:01:31

Chapter 18: The untimely demise of intuition

Running time 1:11:45

Chapter 19: Intuition, imagination and unveiling

Running time 1:16:11

Chapter 20: The coincidentia oppositorum

Running time 1:23:07

Chapter 21: The one and the many

Running time 1:00:21

Chapter 22: Time

Running time 1:17:13

Chapter 23: Flow and movement

Running time 1:12:08

Chapter 24: Space and matter

Running time 1:10:35

Chapter 25: Matter and consciousness

Running time 1:59:25

Chapter 26: Value

Running time 1:21:41

Chapter 27: Purpose, life, nature of the cosmos

Running time 1:03:03

Chapter 28: The sense of the sacred

Running time 2:13:12


Running time 54:33

Iain McGilchrist Videos Complete

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Titles from P to Z

Understanding The Matter with Things — Dialogues
Iain McGilchrist and Àlex Gómez-Marín discuss the book chapter by chapter

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