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Create the New is the third of the Newcreator’s superpowers (the others being Transcend the Mundane and Enrich the World).

A synthesis of the creative powers named Conceptualisation and Materialisation, Create the New enables Newcreators to flesh out embryonic concepts and give them existence in the physical world.

Create the new
With all three superpowers active, Newcreators are able to:

  • Road test potential concepts in their mind’s eyes.
  • Develop a concept that meets the future value requirements of customers or users and other beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that the concept is capable of uptake and propagation.


The power of Conceptualisation enables Newcreators to elaborate the embryonic idea into a fully formed concept, then carry  out rapid cycles of experimentation, pretotyping, testing and refinement.

Read more about the power of Conceptualisation in the article How to put Newcreate into practice.


This power enables Newcreators to produce a fully formed creation and introduce it to the world at large.
From embryonic idea to fully-formed creation
The shift from Conceptualisation, in the creating world, to Materialisation, in the created world, often occurs gradually, without any perceptible shift across the threshold.
From possibility to actuality
Materialisation work is complete when the new creation exists in its finished state and is fully capable of generating value.

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